MOW 2016

MOW 2016

It’s the 3rd edition of this ultimate frisbee team tournament organized by Lisbon Ultimate Club, at Carcavelos beach, Lisbon Portugal.


The hotel that you’ll be staying at is called Hotel Praia Mar in Carcavelos.

You can get there from the airport in a number of ways.
Taxi: in the airport, don’t go the taxi’s near arrivals as these will generally try to rip you off. Instead, take a right after passing customs and go up the escalator and near that exit you can wait and hold a cab. It shoudl take you about half an hour and expect to pay 30-35€.
Public Transport: take the red metro line to Alameda and change to the green line to Cais de Sodre. From there take the train to Carcavelos and then it’s an 8 minute walk to the hotel. Should take you about 1-1,5 hours and cost around 4€ per person.
There’s also the direct bus from the airport to Cais do Sodré train station: Aerobus

Uber does exist in Portugal. although none of us has any experience in using them here. Another option would be to try a private shuttle service (such as this:, which sometimes offer quite competitive prices when booked in advance for groups.

The hotel is about a 10 minute walk from the fields, which are in front of bar Grande Onda (where the Saturday party will also take place).



I have attached a draft game schedule below. Please take a look and let me know if you see any problem with this.
Just a few notes on this. We have 11 teams registered, which is a somewhat unfortunate number to schedule. In addition, the tide prediction for for Saturday dictates that we are not guaranteed to space for fields after 3PM. Together, this made for a quite compressed schedule. At some point, each team will have 2 games in a row with a short break in between, we hope for you understanding in this, and hope you will do your best to be ready on time to play.
After 3PM we will prepare some games that require less space, such as spikeball or DDC. If there’s enough interest we’ll even organize some mini-tournaments in this.
The structure for 11 teams is as follows:
– 2 pools; Pool A has 6 teams, pool B has 5 teams
– quarter finals are played by places 2-4 of pool A and places 1-3 of pool B
– winner of pool A goes straight to semi-finals
– losers of quarter finals play a round robin (2 games each) for positions 5 to 7
– bottom 2 of pool A and B play a round robin (3 games each) for positions 8 to 11


The tournament will be played according to official BULA 5×5 beach ultimate rules, with the following specificities/exceptions:

  • Games will be played until one team reached 13 points or for 45 minutes (time cap)
  • If no team has 13 points before the timecap is reached, finish the point currently played. If the point difference is larger than 1 the game is over.
    • Otherwise a cap of 1 is added to the highest score and play resumes until either team reaches this score
  • Half time will take place when one team reaches 7 points; the initial pull is mirrored but there will be no delay between points
  • Each team has the right to 1 time-out of 1 minute length per game, which can be taken at any point before the time cap has been reached
  • Please be on time and respect time limits between points and during time-outs



Each team will receive bottles of water from us which can be refilled on the beach. In addition, we will have plenty of fruit, bread and ham/cheese/nutella/etc. If you wish to have a more filling lunch or other drinks, there are plenty of beach bars around.
Saturday Dinner will take place in the hotel (time still TBD) and we will be partying back on the beach at bar Grande Onda (in front of the fields) afterwards.
If you have any questions, please let us know!

Emergency phone:

Carla Oliveira +351936626691